Polk County Criminal District Attorney
William Lee Hon

Sherry Sprayberry, Victim Assistance Coordinator

Sherry is a graduate of Corrigan-Camden High School.  She obtained an associate degree in Liberal Arts from Angelina College.  In 1984 she was employed by the City of Corrigan as a police dispatcher and remained in their employ until 2004.  Sherry is a licensed TCLEOSE Telecommunications Operator and was both Dispatch Supervisor and TAC for that agency while acting as Administrative Assistant.  Sherry is currently employed as the Victim Assistance Coordinator with the Polk County District Attorney's Office.  Her primary role is to ensure victims are informed of their rights as crime victims.  She acts as a liaison between the area law enforcement agencies.  Sherry also assists domestic violence victims with Protective Order applications and accompanying them to the court dates.  She is available to victims of sexual assault and to their families assisting them with crime victim compensation and information concerning their criminal case.

You can email Sherry at:  sherry@polkcountyda.com