Polk County Criminal District Attorney
William Lee Hon


The various law enforcement agencies typically file between 80-100 cases each month with our Misdemeanor Division. When misdemeanor cases are accepted for prosecution, they are filed in the Polk County Court at Law. The prosecutors assigned to a court by the District Attorney are responsible for the cases filed in that court. Misdemeanor Division prosecutors also routinely represent the state in the four Justice Court precincts within Polk County. Misdemeanor offenses are those crimes which are punishable by fine only, or a fine and period of confinement (up to one year) in the Polk County Jail.

The Chief of the Misdemeanor Division is responsible for all aspects of its operation and reports regularly to the elected District Attorney and First Assistant. Prosecutors in the Misdemeanor Division also routinely represent the State of Texas in Juvenile Court proceedings, actions involving the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services and applications for Family Violence Protective Orders.