Polk County Criminal District Attorney
William Lee Hon


Felony Division responsibilities include evaluating new cases, contacting victims of crime, presenting cases to the Grand Jury, determining the proper plea bargain recommendation, preparing cases for trial, and representing the State of Texas in all criminal hearings and trials conducted in the district courts. Cases are disposed of by trials before juries, trials before a court without a jury or by agreed plea agreements. Felony Division prosecutors also represent the State of Texas on felony criminal appeals.
Felony Division staff work closely with the Sheriff's Office, police departments in the county, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as the Texas Department Criminal Justice to share information and to prepare cases for successful prosecution.

Each prosecuting attorney is charged by statute with the duty to "seek justice". This is done by aggressively representing the State of Texas.  Victims of crime are contacted to assess economic and physical damage as well as to seek input regarding proper punishment for the crime.  Repeat and habitual offenders are routinely assessed long prison sentences to punish the offender and deter others.

Young, non-violent offenders are sometimes provided the opportunity to seek rehabilitation through felony probation.  Conditions of probation can be assessed to encourage an offender to become a contributing member of our community or risk a trip to the penitentiary.  These conditions may include restitution to the victim, community service hours, counseling, drug rehabilitation programs, fines and court-costs, as determined by the court.  Each team conscientiously evaluates cases to make a plea bargain recommendation which fits the crime and history of the offender.

The goal of the Felony Division is to win its cases by every fair and lawful means available under the law and in reliance on the high standards of every member.